How To Rent

If you’ve never rented the studio before, to make a rental reservation we require 3 things:

1. a rental agreement to be signed (I can provide that later on). We will need your mailing address to input your info in the estimating software.

2. if it is a full day rental, a 50% non-refundable deposit with the remainder amount due within 24hrs of the rental. If it is a half day or hourly rental, 100% is due to make the reservation. I’ll send an invoice via email once I receive the signed estimate. If any additional items are rented during the day, not listed on the estimate, an invoice will be sent. If you must cancel, please refer to the cancellation policy on the estimate.

3. a certificate of liability insurance with the certificate holder made out to my parent company, City Studio STL dba. Wesley Law, LLC. A certificate of Liability looks like the following:

If you do not have business liability insurance, we can underwrite you for the day at the rate of $100/day or $50/half day/hourly.

If you have a full day rental, the use of ALL grip is FREE! To see the cost of using strobe equipment, lenses, light modifiers, etc, you can find a current rate sheet on the studio’s website:

If you have any question, please feel free to ask! We’re looking forward to having you at the studio!

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