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Parking Information

How To Rent

If you’ve never rented the studio before, to make a rental reservation we require 3 things: 1. a rental agreement to be signed (I can provide that later on). We will need your mailing address to input your info in the estimating software. 2. if it is a full day rental, a 50% non-refundable deposit…

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Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement “Company” is City Studio STL dba. Wesley Law, LLC; “Premises” includes the entire property owned by Cohen-Esrey, LLC, the parking area, the hallways, unit 3A, restroom facilities, kitchen and parking areas owned surrounding the premises, including property owned by Company; “Photographer” is the person or entity renting Premises and/or equipment. A. Rates Rental…

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Rate Sheet

this is a list of how much stuff costs

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